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Underwater Dogs Bath-time Tips

The Team at UWDOGS works tirelessly on their range of Underwater Dogs haircare products. Our responsibility to ensure they are of the highest quality, formulated to give the best clean and perfectly balanced, locking in moisture to give that ultimate result for your dog.

We want you to know that we’re dedicated to bringing you the best canine haircare on the planet. Honestly, what else do they want? Yep, their rightful place…back on your bed, we get it!

Like children, all dogs are different.shaking-lab-66876931-sq600
What matters most is that you both work together to ensure bath-time, is a good-time. You’ll work it out. 

1. Being prepared is definitely the key. Get everything you need before you mention the “B” word. They can smell your thought process before you’ve even begun, so having everything at your fingertips will mean you’ll be way ahead.

2. Brushing your Dog? Yes. Brushing your dog’s coat between baths is good practice. They may think it just feels good…and it does (feel good), but the benefits are many and varied depending on your pal’s coat, skin and general condition. Brushing helps remove any tangles on a regular basis so you don’t end up with more serious knots, or a wet matted predicament. Brushing will also reduce any foreign matter, like burrs from their coat, which will help throughout the washing process and make combing through later a breeze.

3. Allergies? Just remember yourself in this equation.product-comb-2875 If you suffer from allergies, maybe wear a mask. Dog hair or flaky skin just might send you off!

4. Ears? BEFORE GETTING WET look after your dog’s ears by using cotton wadding to stop water getting into the ear canal. This may predispose your dog to ear infections so this is a must for most of our canine friends. If your dog’s ears stand up to attention you can cup them with your hand to ensure water does not enter the canal. Special note: Most wadding will shake out when your dog has been set free from their bath-time regime, but please check and remove any left-over that may have been forgotten.

5. Treats? Verbal praise and doggie treats are also recommended for you to have on-hand. After all, generally speaking, most dogs have a food agenda. Not thinking about anyone in particular!

6. Getting WET? Yes, guaranteed! As a special hint, wet your dog all over before using shampoo. You’ll find the product distributes with ease when added to wet hair vs dry. And yep, we’re going to say it. Use warm water – this will be a game-changer!

7. Mixer Bottle? We recommend using a mixer bottle for easy distribution of your shampoo.Mixer Bottle Simply find a soft, plastic bottle with single spout (like a tomato sauce bottle). The easy to use Pump on our Underwater Dogs Shampoo means you pump product directly into the bottle, and use as much as you would normally use on your dog (obviously, size really does matter). Then fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. Give it a shake to mix and you’re now ready to shampoo your pal. Using the shampoo from the mixer bottle allows the shampoo to distribute easily and more evenly throughout your dog’s coat. It also goes EXACTLY where you want it! Try it, we know you’ll like it.

8. First Timer? If it’s your first time we suggest a helper, just in case you need that extra pair of hands. Some dog-owners will prefer to have their dog tied up so they remain focussed on the job at hand (the dog that is).

9. Tethering? If you choose to tether your mate, don’t use their favourite leather collar as this will spoil. A nylon collar will do the job and be better over time in water.

10. A Non-Slip Mat? This is a great idea if you’re bathing in the shower or bath-tub. A non-slip surface will give your dog extra confidence; just knowing they’re not likely to slip might be all it takes.

11. “My Dog doesn’t like getting water on his face:” Some dogs will sit under the tap, water cascading over them and think nothing of it. Others don’t like water on their faces and will be terribly vocal about it. Again, work out what your dog likes. This will in most cases be trial and error, but worth it in the long-run. You might like to use a sponge to wet, clean and rinse, just take extra care of those with multiple facial wrinkles, and longer than usual ear flaps.

12. Products? Always use Shampoo AND Conditioner on your dog. A shampoo is negatively charged and a conditioner positive, therefore one will neutralize and the other balance, helping to restore that natural canine barrier (acid mantel) and protect their hair and skin.

That “squeaky-clean” feelingrinse-thoroughly you gain from using even the finest shampoo, has just robbed your favourite pal of some of the skin’s natural oil and could damage that delicate equilibrium promising a healthy skin and coat.
Tip: Comb through conditioner before rinsing, to help assist with tangles. Use your favourite comb or brush. We use our special stainless steel UWDOGS Comb, ergonomically designed with flexible silicone handle for major comfort.  

13. Drying? We love a good microfibre towel. They absorb a tonne of moisture and are easy to manoeuvre across your dog’s bits – but really there are no rules. Some even like to just “shake it off.” If you’re using a towel, blot them rather than rub; this will help against matting build-up. Whatever you use, just make sure you wash towels thoroughly between washes, otherwise you’ll be drying your clean pup with a dirty towel. Some canines love a good blow-dry too, but test this one out slowly and never make the experience a traumatic one. Blow from the paws up and from the rear so they get used to this new phenomena one leg at a time. They’ll quickly let you know if it’s not gonna happen. Finally, remember to remove the cotton wadding from ears.

14. Keep warm until dry?  Yes, if your little fella is an inside dog; you know, the one who starts off at the end of the bed and ends up on your pillow, then this is the dog that needs extra special care with keeping warm until dry. On the other hand, if your pal is active or an outside dog; there’s still a consideration with keeping them warm until dry. Perhaps a nice warm bed or kennel and their favourite blanket to snuggle up with until their body heat helps with the drying process. Depending on your dog’s coat, they might be dry within the hour or in some cases, multiple hours, so being diligent with this process is of significant importance. Just remember, if you’re washing your dog, so too must you wash his bedding or favourite blanket. Clean dog + dirty blank = a waste of your valuable time and energy.

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PS New Puppy? Still unsure where to start? Old dog, new Tricks?
Well the Team down at UWDOGS are here to help, so if you have any questions please email woof@uwdogs.com and we’ll get straight back to you! OR, share your story with us direct at uwdogs.com. You’ll go in the running for the coveted UWDOGS Dog Star of the Month Award!

We care for dirty dogs!


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