Collis Fur Kids

Collis Fur Kids

"After struggling to find the right shampoo and conditioner range (we all have sensitive skin🙄 ) our Mumma discovered UWDOGS & we've never looked back! It’s not just about the smell, it truly soothes, conditions and repairs our dry and allergy affected skin.

Our Mumma's a professional hairdresser & we've caught her using it on her own hair... OMDawg! The results (unfortunately) were OUTSTANDING. Her hair is coloured, porous and can be flat and dull, but our UWDOGS made it soft, silky and oh so shiny. A true WOW factor she says... We say NO SHARE!

We Collis fur kids ALWAYS smell and feel AMAZING ( BTW the Gloss is just divine). Guess we'll be sharing our Gloss wiv her too!"

Winston, Mr Darcy, Charlotte, Ayra & Isla
(Proud UWDOGS Ambassadog)

A big thank you goes to the Collis Kids and their furtabulous pawrent Deb for the on-going support, encouragement, laughs and bath-time antics that make UWDOGS what is is today.


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