Shampoo & Conditioner Combos

Your Itchy-Skin Remedy 

Shampoo & Conditioner Combo
Soap & paraben-free, pH balanced & naturally moisturizing ingredients cleanse & soothe dry, sensitive, itchy and allergy-prone skin. Our professional grooming salon formulas gently cleanse, while replenishing lost moisture, nourishing and protecting your dog from the elements. Delicious Summer fragrances of coconut & vanilla will blow your mind, delicate but long lasting like a tropical island dream.

Shampoo & Conditioner Combo's are available in Puppy 8.4floz & 16.9floz pump packs, are all Made in Australia and come with the UWDOGS 100% Money Back Guarantee. May those itchy-dog-days be gone!

You will not be disappointed. 

"It worked straight away!  We have gone through a number of shampoos with our dogs, Sunny and Grommy over the years and found our dogs are always itchy after a wash, until we discovered UWDOGS shampoo and conditioner. It worked straight away! Their coats are so soft and shiny and it’s even helped Grommys flaky skin. Totally recommend this awesome product!" Ems Hammer, Sydney NSW

"I absolutely love this product, my dog is so much cleaner after using this shampoo and conditioner than he ever was using other brands. And the gloss spray keeps him smelling and looking clean (even if he hasn’t had a bath for a few weeks). I recommend this to everyone who owns a dog." 
Stella, Sydney NSW