Paraben Free Dog Shampoo

You wouldn’t use nasty chemical-laden shampoo on your hair, would you? So why use it on your dog? At UWDOGS, we’ve created what we believe to be the best paraben free shampoo for dogs on the market, and it’s made right here in Australia, under the beady eye of our canine CEO, Ralphie J. Cocker. And it’s not only made minus parabens, but there’s no soap in it either; just high-quality naturally moisturising ingredients that care for your dog’s skin as well as their coat.
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Our Paraben Free Dog Shampoo Cares for Your Dirty Dog

As dog owners ourselves, we understand that dogs get dirty – in fact, it sometimes seems that it’s their mission in life; but we also know that washing your pup in chemical-laden shampoos is not good for their skin or coat and it’s not good for the environment. Our paraben free dog shampoo has taken time to formulate, but it’s backed up with scientific research and endorsed by many happy dogs and their humans, Australia wide. It will help to keep your dirty dog clean, fresh and comfortable without upsetting the pH balance of their skin or causing irritation or allergic reactions.

A Huge Paws Up for our Paraben Free Formulations

If your dog has itchy or sensitive skin, you’re no doubt familiar with the continual scratching and the resultant raw, red skin. Our sensitive dog shampoo formulations can help to reduce irritation and restore your dog’s coat back to normal. And even if your dog seems as ‘tough as old boots’, using a paraben-free formula will ensure that they don’t develop any nasty allergies. After all, being itchy and uncomfortable is a real nuisance, and even more so, if you’re unable to soothe the irritation yourself. You owe it to your doggie companion to keep them as comfortable as possible, and that’s where our products can help.

Of course, there are many other benefits from using Underwater Dog’s shampoos and other canine haircare products, not least the glorious aroma that will envelop your doggie as they’re being washed. Think vanilla and coconut, citrus and exotic fruits or the clean, fresh fragrance of baby powder, and you’ll be more than happy to cuddle your not-so-dirty dog when they smell so fresh and clean. Add to this, a glossy, shiny coat which makes bad hair days a thing of the past and you can see why our doggy customers give UWDOGS paraben free shampoo for dogs a HUGE paws up!

Paraben-Free Dog Shampoos are Just the Beginning

While we do produce very good paraben-free dog shampoos, even if we say so ourselves, you’d be barking up the wrong tree if you think that’s all we do. Our range of doggy haircare goes way beyond shampoo; there’s conditioners, dog hair detanglers, deodorisers and spray gloss too. We take your doggie’s haircare very seriously, and we take it from ordinary to extraordinary in the best possible style.

Pampering Your Pooch with a Paraben Free Dog Shampoo

One of the most essential tasks in caring for your dog is to keep their coat healthy and clean. However, that can prove one of the most difficult tasks of all! Doggy’s adventures and day-to-day play can lead to their coat becoming matted and embroiled in sorts of dirt and grime – not to mention picking up some “interesting” odours.”

Dog owners can continue to allow their dog to roam and play to their heart’s desire by simply picking up a dog shampoo. Frequent baths not only help to keep your dog looking its best but provide a great bonding time between owner and pet, and a chance for you to truly pamper your pooch.

However, not just any shampoo will suffice. If you want to give your furry friend some proper TLC while ensuring a healthy, beautiful coat, purchasing a paraben free dog shampoo is a must.

Why Choose a Paraben Free Shampoo For Dogs

Giving your pet regular baths is great for keeping their skin and coat healthy. However, your choice of shampoo is very important. Dogs should only ever be bathed using a specially formulated pet shampoo. When looking for a dog shampoo, you may be met with many options. The best option to choose is a dog paraben free shampoo.

Allow us to explain why:

Prevent Skin Irritation

A dog’s skin is especially delicate and sensitive. Chemicals such as parabens and sulfates can prove highly irritating to a dog’s coat and skin and can cause allergic reactions.

Reduce Aggravation to Health Conditions

Parabens and chemicals, when used in dog shampoos, are believed to aggravate any existing health conditions your dog may be experiencing.

Underwater Dogs Shampoo – The Best Paraben Free Shampoo for Dogs

Thanks to Underwater Dogs, dog owners across Australia and internationally can easily purchase a high quality, paraben free shampoo for dogs. Our pH balanced dog shampoo formula is also soap free yet ensures a thorough cleanse of your dog’s coat and skin.

Your dog’s fur is left looking ultra clean and feeling silky smooth while imparting a natural fragrant aroma of vanilla and coconut ice. The delicate formula is suitable for even the most sensitive dog’s skin, providing soothing and moisturising properties which helps to maintain optimal health of your dog’s coat.

Buy The Best Paraben Free Dog Shampoo Online

With Underwater Dog’s online store, you can access a full range of paraben free dog shampoos and haircare products online. Our great collection of products extends beyond shampoos for puppies and dogs, including pH balanced shampoos and conditioners, knot detanglers and gloss sprays, all of which are suitable for sensitive skin.

Unsure which products to purchase for your pooch? Our expert team are always on hand to provide advice and assistance. Simply drop us an e-mail to with your query, and we’ll soon be in touch to help!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, place your order today. We dispatch all orders within 48 hours of receipt and deliver not just throughout Australia, but wherever you and your pooch happen to be in the world. We don’t want to keep our Australian doggy haircare to ourselves; we want every doggy and their human to have access to our products, no matter where you may live.

Isn’t it time your dog became an UWDOGS dog? 
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