How to Save your Dog and your Family’s Sanity

Am I ever going to sleep through the night again?

A question one of our most recent Underwater Dogs customers asked herself. 

It was midnight, and the incessant itching and scratching coming from the foot of the bed was both frustrating, and upsetting. Overwhelm was now an emotion felt way too oft. 

As she watched the clock tick over, her anxiety heightened. She was feeling hopeless.

Would she ever be able to give her dog some respite from this condition?

Does this sound like you?

Well Underwater Dogs would like to help save your dog from this unrelenting suffering.

Sharing a very recent a-ha moment, from one very tired and distraught Australian family, might just be something you’re looking for.

Just when they felt like they’d done everything possible for their favourite fur-buddy, a friend mentioned yet another option. One they hadn’t heard of before.

“Sometimes we felt like there was nothing else we could do. We were willing to try anything”

It’s certainly early days, but one can fully understand the family’s anxiety as Misty was driven to scratching herself red raw. Her Human Jennie, literally feeling like there was no-where else to turn.

What would she have to lose?

 “I’ve tried countless shampoos and washes and none of them worked. It has been an uphill struggle to try and get control of it. Her sleeping; and ours, has been affected and her appetite was very poor.”

After 7 years ‘of trying everything’ Jennie’s family, living in Dural NSW Australia, have finally witnessed hope.

Here is Misty’s Story
[courtesy of her Human Jennie]

“Misty has had severe skin problems since we got her; 7.5 years ago.

What started out as mild scratching, turned into literally ripping her fur out and causing bleeding.

Our vet says that if she were human, she would need to see the Dermatologist every week. The problem was resolved temporarily by her taking a tablet, which was an antihistamine/steroid mix.

Unfortunately, she got used to it [the explanation at the time] and it stopped having any real impact. 

I tried countless shampoos and washes and none of them worked.

It has been an uphill struggle to try and get control of it. Her sleeping; and ours, was affected and her appetite was very poor.”

A friend mentioned a new haircare range called Underwater Dogs; and of-course, I was willing to trying anything.

Anything to offer Misty some relief.

Monday, 5 June 2017
I sent a message to UWDOGS online:  

“I am interested in your dog shampoo. My dog has extremely sensitive, red, itchy skin. Will the shampoo calm the itch and reduce the redness and help with the sensitivity?”

An email response came back almost immediately:

Hi Jennie,
Thank you so much for your enquiry.

Firstly, I would like to share with you a testimonial from ‘Marley.’

Marley was in a terrible way when we first met, having been scratching himself red raw for years.

His owner had tried everything.

They had ruled out allergies both food and otherwise, but Marley was just so uncomfortable, and his owner beside himself.

Here’s what they had to say…

“Hi, I’m Marley. I’m 12 and I am a very happy dog!

I used to have terrible, itchy skin driving myself crazy scratching all the time…not to mention making my owner a little mad…thump, thump, thump on the floor every time I tried to get that really-itchy spot!

Well that’s all in the past since my old man found Underwater Dogs. I’m now itch-free, even when I roll in the grass!

Plus, I smell like a perfect coconut, just like when we go on holiday to the beach…and trust me fellas, the little white fluffy lady-dogs really love it!

Oh yay, living the dream at 12, thanks to my old man and Underwater Dogs!”

underwater dogs_uwdogs_marley_testimonial_shampoo_ 
Marley, Aged 12 Manly Australia

Now every dog is different, and it is important to ask if Misty has been checked for other things like grass allergies or food intolerances. It will never be just one thing.

What I can tell you, is that we’ve had some wonderful success with our products; skin irritations in mind. Being a professionally formulated product and specifically pH balanced and soap-free, we have seen some wonderful skin recoveries. Marley is just one.

What type of Dog is Misty?

Again, another good question as some dogs are more sensitive than others.

Do you ever Condition Misty?

It’s very important to us that we educate dog owners about the cleansing process. That shampooing cleanses and removes dirt, and of course some natural oils. While conditioning replaces the moisture, absorbing into both skin, and the hair shaft.

Ask yourself, would you ever shampoo and not condition your own hair?

Why do we do that?

Well it’s the same for Misty – and this could be even more important because of her skin sensitivity.

When natural oils are stripped, the skin dries out and will become itchy over time. It may even become raw and perhaps bleed. Then bacteria gets in…and away we go. Vicious cycle!

We have a customer in South Australia who I could also put you in touch with. She has been buying our Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner (extra-mild formulation) for her dog for some time now. Your stories are similar, she could give you some further insight into our product…other than our own.

Please let us know if this has helped, or you require any further information.

Friday, 9 June 2017
I purchased some Underwater Dogs Shampoo today.

When the package arrived, the Underwater Dogs Shampoo was accompanied by an Underwater Dogs Conditioner.

 Honestly, I understand this concept and it makes sense, but I hadn’t purchased any. UWDOGS just felt it was important enough for me to try. Such a lovely gesture.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

I took photos of Misty before her first bath on that Wednesday evening.

Her skin was terribly red and itchy.

Post bath, she smelt edible and her fur was incredibly boofy and soft.

By the next day her skin was a pale pink and her scratching was certainly reducing.

She slept well that night, for the first time in so long.

What’s been quite funny is to find people commenting on her ‘glorious smell,’ rather than call her ‘stinky’! [proud human]

 I then decided to take photos at regular intervals and to stay in touch with the Team at Underwater Dogs

Thank you again Underwater Dogs; here’s hoping for an itch free Misty in the not-too-distant future.

Misty is now three week’s into using the Underwater Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner. Our next communication from Jennie went something like this:

Friday, 30 June 2017

Good Afternoon, and a happy Friday to you!

Just to give you some feedback; three weeks into using your shampoo and conditioner.

I have attached some photos of Misty this morning; 3 weeks after use.

During the first 2 week’s I bathed her every 4 days and this morning was the first bath in a week.

misty_case study_uwdogs_underwsater dogs_haircare for dogs_shampoo_conditioner_testimonial_skin sensitivity_sleepless nights

Since using the shampoo and conditioner, Misty is sleeping like never-before.

She scratches occasionally, but I guess, usual dog scratchies.

The fur on her chest is now growing back; we haven’t seen it for years.

Her appetite has improved so much, that she now hunts her bowl around the kitchen checking for more food.

I am going to continue to take photos and let you know how she progresses over the coming weeks.

I am so pleased with your products; you have improved her life and in turn, ours.

Thank you so much Underwater Dogs.


In conclusion, we pose another question.

What does Underwater Dogs think?

Well most importantly, we’re thrilled for Misty and her family, but it’s early days.

Underwater Dogs have encouraged Jennie to keep a photographic journal of Misty’s journey, and to share her story. We will continue to update this Case Study on a regular basis as we follow her progress.

Underwater Dogs is the first to recognise that the whole-animal must be considered when taking this study not account. Jennie has been trying for over 7 years [Misty’s entire life], to help reduce the itching and scratching of her very sensitive skin.

Firstly, when your dog scratches itself red raw, there is definitely a good reason.

Whether it is internal [like food allergies], or from external environmental sources [like grasses], one can only encourage dog owners to be diligent in investigating each-and-every cause to help eliminate as best they can any suffering.

This is time consuming, costly and frustrating. But maybe not as frustrating, as it is anxiety building in your favourite fur-buddy.

Underwater Dogs are not Veterinarians, or qualified in any way to diagnose allergies in dogs. We are a professional canine haircare company with a simplistic approach, and that’s all about ‘good skin health’ in your dog.

The most important concept here is pH Balance

Excerpt from ‘The Best thing I ever did was use pH Balanced Products on my Dog’ Blog Post, UWDOGS

We cannot stress more, the importance of pH balanced products for your dog?

Let’s think about the most significant component making up your dog’s skin. The Acid Mantle or relative pH Balance – that slightly acidic layer covering your dog’s skin which protects them from nasty environmental contaminants like bacteria, parasites and virus.

Scientifically speaking, the Stratum Corneum is the topmost layer of skin responsible for keeping your dog’s outer-selves healthy and hydrated.

When we bathe our dog with soaps and shampoos, part of this protective layer of acidic oil gets washed away. It is part of the process and, when the pH balance is disturbed and oils are removed from their skin, they’re left defenceless against hosts of micro-organisms which present them with dry, irritated and sometimes flaky skin.

This may lead to an unsightly rash or, leave your dog terribly, terribly itchy.

Did we say itchy?

The second most important concept is Skin Conditioning.

Excerpt from ‘Want to know how to Bath your Puppy for the very first time?’ Blog Post, UWDOGS

Kristen Duvall, Author at DOGSBLOG says;  
The case for conditioners – Shampoos by design are used for cleaning- removing unwanted grime from the skin and coat. But shampooing, without sealing the coat afterwords, leaves the hair shaft open– at that point residue can enter and oils and hydration escapes. What you can do is use a conditioner after shampooing to close the hair cuticle and restore hydration, moisture and elasticity.

Conditioners also fill in the damaged hair that drying, brushing, dematting and rubbing causes. Just normal wear and tear chips away at the hair cuticle. Conditioners can help to remove the cuticle to a smooth state and one that gives a more lustrous appearance and feel.

So honestly, does this sound familiar at all?

Well do yourself a favour and download this case study now. Keep it handy as a reminder to all the family about good skin-health for your dog. Like Jennie, it just might be the answer you’re looking for.

A healthy happy dog!

DOWNLOAD: How to Save your Dog and your Family’s Sanity.

Underwater Dogs is a professional haircare company, hence why we are completely understanding of your dog’s pH balance and the importance of good skin health.

Formulations have been scientifically researched and developed. They’re soap-free, paraben-free and specifically pH balanced to your canine’s skin pH of 7.

We’re passionate about what we do and thrilled to have received feed-back from Misty, aiding Dogs to achieve great skin and hair-health; our core company vision. 

Watch this space, as we continue to follow Misty in the hope that as her skin health improves, so does her emotional health and well-being. And of course, that of her family.

Thank you to Jennie, Misty and her family. Like others around the world, we admire them for their ‘never give up attitude.’

A testament to dog lovers everywhere; relentless in their quest for a healthy, happy dog.

And, a good night’s sleep for all.

Ralphie J, ceo, haircare, entrepreneur, Haircare for Dogs, shampoo for dogs
From the Team at UWDOGS
Ralphie J Cocker, CEO

Underwater Dogs promises you the cleanest, softest, most delicious smelling dog on the block. Why? 

Because we care for dirty dogs.

underwater dogs_haircare_ dogs_seth casteel_shampoo range_pH balanced_2017Begin your Underwater Dogs Journey Here

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