MY DOG STINK puts Underwater Dogs Haircare to the Test

Up Close & Personal with STINK & Underwater Dogs Haircare Products

By: Stink @mydogstink – All Time Good Guy, Beach Bum Adventurer, Florida USA

While I enjoy the smell of salty dog – with a splash of Eau De Crab…that is apparently not the preferred smell among humans.

We (read mom) had the pleasure of testing out the Underwater Dogs haircare line for dogs (@uwdogs) and she is happy to report;


Now I smell like a tropical goddess with hair soft as silk, just the way a tough guy like me loves to be described.

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However, I do have a sensitive side which is why mom loves the fact that all these products are Soap & Paraben freeand are pH balanced. 

Since I get more baths than the average dog, this I am told is essential.

We received these products in exchange for our honest review – and to sum it up;


The coconut-Vanilla scent is so yummy.

Both the Shampoo & Conditioner rinse out quick and easy and a little bit goes a long way.

[Mom used about the amount she would use on her own hair, rubbed it between her hands and then onto moi. It lathers & suds up really nicely without effort and rinses out real quick. [Guys, I have no time or patience for a long rinse off]

The Gloss Deodorizing Spray is great for that finishing touch, especially after a quick rinse off. Mmmm…yay, long-lasting freshness!

OUTCOME: #stinknomore

[feel free to use the #stinknomore hashtag once you’re #havingabathwithuwdogs hehehe!]

Finally, I am proud to support Underwater Dogs Products, so get your STINK NO MORE OFFER here:

For US Stinkers: Check out this link to buy at Amazon – Use Promo Code: 15FORSTINK to receive 15%OFF.

For little Aussie Stinkers: Go to UWDOGS and use the same Promo Code: 15FORSTINK to receive the same stinkin’ cool deal.

Then…Follow me @mydogstink for more beach antics, along with Hula [my girlfriend] and Mr Crabs [fellow stink compatriot].

Check ya later.

*The Underwater Dogs Haircare Company thanks Stink and his Mom for their mighty efforts in trialling our new range of products. Proudly made in Australia, all products offer the best in Skin & Hair Health for your Dog & come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Contact us here if you encounter any problems with the CODE, or if you’d like more information:

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