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UNDERWATER DOGS GiftSet – Made for your Dog

16.9fl oz Shampoo & Conditioner, No-Knots Detangler & Deodorizer and Gloss Spray Shine

UWDOGS brings you an 16.9fl oz GiftSet that will score points with everybody. Professionally formulated haircare for dogs, soap and paraben-free, containing unique blends of pH balanced ingredients, adding softness and shine to every coat.

The Shampoo naturally soothes and nourishes giving a thorough yet gentle clean whilst our Conditioner creates protective barriers that retain moisture, conditioning and revitalizing. For those with more difficult coats No-Knots reconditions damaged hair allowing combing or brushing, restoring coats to a healthy and lustrous state. Finally, Underwater Dogs Gloss a silicone based shine, feels like silk and gives long-lasting protection. Gloss is the finishing touch to make their coats shine like the dog stars they are. They’re gonna smell delicious too!

Underwater Dogs is superior Haircare for your Dog. Masterminded by dogs…for dogs everywhere. Deliciously fragranced, products smell like Summer and are naturally soothing, designed for comb-ability and promote softness and shine.

Beautifully presented, our 16.9fl oz GiftSet is for discerning dogs, and backed by the UWDOGS 100% Money Back Guarantee

*Exclusive Promotion…FREE UWDOGS Comb with every GiftSet sold (value $15)

Because we care for dirty dogs!

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Get thoroughly WET in warm water. Apply UNDERWATER DOGS SHAMPOO and massage well into all the right places. Enjoy the moment. After a good lather up in all those hard to reach places, rinse thoroughly and apply UNDERWATER DOGS CONDITIONER distributing evenly throughout their coat. Use as much as you like as there will be no product build-up. Comb through longer coats to ensure complete coverage, then rinse well in warm water. Shake off and towel dry. They’re now smelling like Summer!

When dry, use in conjunction with UNDERWATER DOGS NO-KNOTS Detangler and Deodoriser to reduce matting and tangles and GLOSS Spray Shine for that ultimate, ‘snuggable with me…oh I thought you’d never ask’, softness and shine. They’re gonna smell delicious!

Product is suitable for use with topical Flea and Tick treatments. Remember to store in a cool dry place and you may like to recycle the container when empty.

UNDERWATER DOGS. Masterminded by dogs…for dogs everywhere.


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