Naturally Moisturizing Puppy Shampoo 8.4floz
Naturally Moisturizing Puppy Shampoo 8.4floz
Naturally Moisturizing Puppy Shampoo 8.4floz
Naturally Moisturizing Puppy Shampoo 8.4floz
Naturally Moisturizing Puppy Shampoo 8.4floz
Underwater Dogs Haircare

Naturally Moisturizing Puppy Shampoo 8.4floz

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Best Australian Made Naturally Moisturizing Puppy Shampoo

UNDERWATER DOGS present a professional salon formulated SHAMPOO made especially for dogs. Soap-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, naturally moisturizing and containing unique blends of pH balanced ingredients adding softness and shine to every coat. Perfect for those with sensitive, dry, itchy or mature aged skin.

    • Safe on eyes
    • Naturally moisturizing & soothing
    • Available in 8.4 fl oz Pump Pack
    • Soap-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free
    • Delicious baby-powder & coconut-ice fragrance
    • Unique blends of pH balanced ingredients add softness & shine
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee*
    • Proudly Made in Australia🇦🇺

      • Safe on Eyes?
      • Bath How Often?
      • Guarantee*
      • About Us
      • Our naturally moisturizing PUPPY SHAMPOO (extra-mild formulation) gives a thorough yet gentle clean, maintains oil equilibrium and reduces irritation in those with ‘dry and sensitive’ skin. Is safe to use around eyes of all ages and is ultra-moisturizing for human hands.

        Note* Soap-free shampoo formula allows fast and easy rinsing and our Leave-in Conditioner gets your puppy in and out of the bath quick smart. For those pups with itchy skin, it is best practice to leave the conditioner on affected areas with only a light rinse from head to tail. Products are concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

      • How Often should you bath your Dog?
        Just as every human is different, so is your dog. Some tell you to bath every week, others tell you every 4-6 weeks... Some will tell you not to bath your dog at all!
         We say, bath your dog when you believe it's necessary. So for some this is every week, others every three weeks. For others, it may be twice a year. What's actually more important is..."What you're bathing your dog in." 

        Professional formulations are researched and developed by professionals who understand the make-up of skin and hair. The ability to cleanse without stripping natural oils and preparing the skin and hair to absorb moisture. Just like human shampoos, there are many products on the market. We encourage you to build skin and hair health in your dog by always conditioning your dog; maintaining correct pH balance, hydrating and nourishing.

        If you 'need' to bath your dog more often than most, you're safe to do so with Underwater Dogs. As long as the conditioning process is followed, your pup's skin will be nourished and moisturized, safe from the itchy-scratchies and smelling delicious!

      • UWDOGS have brought you, (and your dog) a scientifically researched and developed, professionally formulated range of haircare promising the cleanest, softest, most delicious smelling dog on the block. We stand behind our product range with our coveted 100% Money Back Guarantee, the only grooming category guarantee worldwide.

        We take great pride in the quality of our brand, striving to ensure you will be completely satisfied. We guarantee our products are carefully tested to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring great results -every time. If for some reason our product does not meet your expectations, we would appreciate your feed-back and consideration with the following:

        Try the product for at least 30 days. If you are experiencing an issue prior to this, or are unable to use our product for 30 days, please contact us. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason let us know by emailing . In an effort to continuously improve and provide the highest quality products available on the market we will contact you to discuss your experience. Following this discussion and if still not satisfied, we will issue you with a Returns Authorisation number. Once you have this number please return products to: Maid in Australia Pty Ltd, 3623 Harrelson Rd. Lakeland, FL. 33810. Please see full-disclosure of conditions HERE 

      • The Underwater Dogs Haircare Company is just that - Haircare for Dogs. It's all we do! Born from a passion of fine haircare products and a love of dogs, we are a salon professional range adored by groomers and customers alike. 

        ust like going to the Hairdresser, we stand by our product range with the only Australian Canine Haircare 100% Money Back Guarantee. Proud of our formulation especially for dogs with dry, itchy, sensitive and allergy-prone skin, we promise you the cleanest, softest most delicious smelling dog on the block!