The best thing I ever did was use pH balanced products!

Why pH balanced products are best for your dog.

Look, we must touch on the irritating subject of itching, and how pH balanced products could be the answer.

uwdogs_pH_balanced_products_shampoo_acid_mantle“Hi, I’m Marley. I’m 12 and I am a very happy dog! I used to have terrible, itchy skin driving myself crazy scratching all the time…not to mention making my owner a little mad…thump, thump, thump on the floor every time I tried to get that really itchy spot! Well that’s all in the past since my old man found UWDogs. I’m now itch-free, even when I roll in the grass! Plus I smell like a perfect coconut, just like when we go on holiday to the beach…and trust me fellas, the little white fluffy lady-dogs really love it! Oh yay, living the dream at 12, thanks to my old man and UWDogs!”
Roy, Manly Australia

Marley’s owner humorously under-plays his plight, but the on-going frustration (and pain) endured by Marley, itching and scratching himself silly is something both Marley, and his owner have persevered for over 10 years.

We have to say it’s the Number 1 issue we hear from our customers. Time and time again.

Do you have a dog that is itching themselves red-raw ?

Have you thought about using pH balanced products?

We’re here to help!

Now there may be a myriad of reasons why your dog is itching. After all, they’re all different.

Topical skin allergies may play a part, or the food they eat; or maybe even the effect of the different grasses or the water they play in.

But let’s also consider this:

Have you ever used your own shampoo and conditioner on your dog at bath-time?uwdogs_pH_balanced_products_shampoo_acid_mantle
They can see it coming, but there’s nothin’ they can do about it.

We cannot stress more, the importance of pH balanced products for your dog?

Let’s think about the most significant component making up your dog’s skin. The acid mantle or relative pH balance – that slightly acidic layer covering their skin which protects them from nasty environmental contaminants like bacteria, parasites and virus.

Scientifically speaking, the stratum corneum is the topmost layer of skin responsible for keeping your dog’s outer-selves healthy and hydrated.

When we bathe our dog with soaps and shampoos, part of this protective layer of acidic oil gets washed away. It’s part of the process. And, when the pH balance is disturbed, and oils are removed from their bodies, they’re left defenceless against hosts of micro-organisms which present them with dry, irritated and sometimes flaky skin. This may lead to an unsightly rash or, leave your dog terribly, terribly itchy.

Did I say itchy?

The upshot is…the canine acid mantle, their relative pH balance, is different from ours!

Depending on the breed, gender, and sometimes size of your dog, pH levels stand somewhere between 6.5 and 7.5 – a more alkaline concentration than a human who sits somewhere between 4.2 and 5.6.

Just to give you a hint; a pH of 7 is neutral, anything below this is deemed of acidic nature.

It’s simple dog lovers. If a shampoo formulated for humans is used on your dog it will disrupt their acid mantle, creating opportunity for bacteria, parasites and viruses to invade and run amok.

This will leave their skin dry and itchy and remember; scratching means abrasions and abrasions say, “hey bacteria…come on in!” And before you know it, they’re on that great itchy treadmill to Rashville.

Underwater Dogs unite…be self-assured and confident with the knowledge that your acid mantle shall be taken for granted no more.

uwdogs_ph-balanced_products_for_dogs_acid_mantle_shampoo“Knowledge is power,” said Francis Bacon, and educating the beloved dog owner about pH balanced products – a priority!

Underwater Dogs products are scientifically researched and professionally formulated with a pH balance of 7, especially for your dog. They’re soap-free, paraben-free, naturally soothing and deliciously fragranced with coconut, vanilla and citrus for a thorough yet gentle clean.

Products are conditioning and revitalizing while reducing irritation to those dogs with more sensitive and delicate skin.

UWDOGS stand by their professionally formulated product, Results achieved by dog owners everywhere must be seen to be believed Read more Testimonials here

If your dog has the itchy-scratchies, we encourage you to try Underwater Dogs products. And for more information on why you should use both Shampoo & Conditioner, keeping reading…

Do you really need to condition your Dog?

The answer is simple – yes!

No matter how good your dog haircare products claim to be, shampooing means cleansing away dirt and grime. This process will naturally take some of the hair and the skin’s natural moisture balance with it. Using a professionally formulated pH balanced shampoo will do everything possible to protect and enrich your dog’s hair and skin, but conditioning is the finishing touch.

Now this is the important bit. 

Whilst cleansing, the hair shaft opens up to allow cleansing agents to wash away grime. Once the conditioning agent is massaged through, the hair shaft is closed and moisture locked in.

Kristen Duvall, Author at DOGSBLOG says;  uwdogs_ph-balanced_products_for_dogs_acid_mantle_shampoo

The case for conditioners – Shampoos by design are used for cleaning- removing unwanted grime from the skin and coat. But shampooing, without sealing the coat afterwords, leaves the hair shaft open– at that point residue can enter and oils and hydration escapes. What you can do is use a conditioner after shampooing to close the hair cuticle and restore hydration, moisture and elasticity.

Conditioners also fill in the damaged hair that drying, brushing, de-matting and rubbing causes. Just normal wear and tear chips away at the hair cuticle. Conditioners can help to remove the cuticle to a smooth state and one that gives a more lustrous appearance and feel.”

So let’s return to Marley, living the dream at 12 years old. Thank you for your testimonial.

The best thing his owner did was try our pH balanced products – with great success.underwater dogs_haitcare for dogs_shampoo_conditioner_no-knots_gloss_detangler_deodorizer_seth casteel_uwdogs_16.9floz

We encourage you to try Underwater Dogs Products on your dog too!


Because we care for dirty dogs!

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PS Our Team is here to help. If you’re dog’s having the itchy-scratchies or, you just want more information, please email now. We’ll get right on it. UWDOGS promise you the cleanest, softest most delicious smelling dog on the block.

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